Part of Mahasukha’s mission is to provide useful tools, wisdom and practices to help you fulfill your spiritual path. From meal prayers to in-depth course materials, discover a wealth of resources to start or deepen your personal practice.

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  • Practice Materials Senior Teacher Rick Blue discusses how to start or deepen your spiritual practice in this teaching entitled, “Dharma 101: Books, Bowls and Sacred Scrolls.” The Book: This guide provides a simple practice for essentially learning from your mistakes and successes throughout each day. Six times a day you check in to see how well you’re […] Read more
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  • Retreat Venues Retreat Venues The following are a list of retreat center venues by location in southern California for personal retreats. Los Angeles Encino – Holy Spirit Retreat Center. Food provided. 818.784.4515 Malibu – Serra Retreat Center. Food provided. (310)-456-6631 Pacific Palisades – Aldersgate Retreat Center. 310-454-6699 Rancho Palos Verdes – Mary & Joseph Retreat Center. Food provided. 310-377-4867 […] Read more