The Great Bliss Blog: November 2013

  • God Particle_Blog How Does the “God Particle” Truly Exist?
    November 13th, 2013
    Would the Higgs boson exist without our thinking it existed in the first place. Is it possible that by thinking differently – about ourselves, about others, about our universe – we might begin to see things differently? [The following article "Nobel Prize for ‘God Particle’ Discovery Prompts Deeper Questions" by Eric Nelson was originally published […]
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  • Tony Tolbert_Blog Sangha Member Gives Home to Homeless Family
    November 12th, 2013
    Although the tremendous act of generosity arose nearly a year ago, sangha member Tony Tolbert donated his home to a single mother with four children. Putting the first Perfection of Generosity into profound practice, Tony has shown that bodhisattvas live all around us doing what they do best…trying to help others. Watch the video at […]
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  • Love Your Enemies_Blog Embracing Our Enemies and Our Suffering
    November 1st, 2013
    Co-authors of the book Love Your Enemies: How to Break the Anger Habit and Be a Whole Lot Happier, renowned Buddhist teachers Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman speak with OnBeing radio host Krista Tippett about transforming anger into love for those you perceive as enemies. [Editor's Note: This radio show/podcast entitled “Embracing Our Enemies and […]
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